Guided Meditation for Rainy Days

A 6 minute guided meditation for peace, renewal and openness to possibilities. Let the rain cleanse you and sprout growth.

This meditation allows you to ground this peace within you and bring that joy into your day.
Brought to you by Claire Iredale at Valency Health, Naturopath and Lifestyle Health expert. Enjoy and dance in the rain with us.


Written meditation:

Below is the written meditation, which uses a framework to guide you through the experience.

There is an intention and a desired outcome to each of Valency Health’s meditations, so you can always be assured we have a desire to add value to your life, and provide truly useful tools for you.

Blessings xx


Meditation for rainy days


Welcome to this guided meditation

I welcome you to find a comfortable position…

Maybe this is sitting in a chair with your feet planted on the ground.

Maybe this is lying down with a blanket over you



This is a time for renewal

A time for self

A time to be open to possibilities



I invite your energy to become relaxed



Positive frame:

There is a message for you here today

One that lifts you from a place inside you that has perhaps held gloom, despair, frustration, or sadness to lifting your energy to that of lightness, peace, acceptance, and non-judgement.


Depth to joy:

Today, the rain is cleansing.

Today, the water washes away all judgement

Its flow is one that moves away from a low energy, and is replaced with a vibrant renewal.

Here is what the water and low energy is not:

It is not here to drown you

It is not here to soak you

It is not here to overwhelm you


The water is here to to cleanse

It is here to calm you

The rain sprouts growth


Imagine yourself dancing in the rain

Picture the rain as a thousand possibilities falling from the sky just for you, flowing into your life


Let the rainy times soothe you and know that there is always an ebb and flow in nature.

What is dark will be light

What is stuck will be flowing

What is pain will be joy


Benefit extension:

Today we will bring that relaxation and renewal into daily life – you won’t have to try in your own efforts…this will be effortless.

You will find yourself being more open to possibilities, enjoying yourself with friends, family, and all those you interact with.



As we come back to the day, in your own time, lift your hand and place it on your heart to ground this experience within you.

Take a deep breath in

All the peace, renewal and possibilities are now yours.

Slowly let your breath out and let a smile spread across your face.


This meditation is written by Claire Iredale as original work.

Our meditation framework is modeled on the 6 high performance techniques of Brendon Burchard. You can learn more about his wonderful tools here.

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